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Some explanations and recommendations from the manufacturer

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  • Some explanations and recommendations from the manufacturer

for gas metering systems of all modifications FLOUTEK, FLOUTEK-TM; PD-1DA, PD-1DI
Calculators PK-V version 1, PK-V calculators version 2, FLOUTEK-TM-3-6 – (including self-powered ones)

1. The mode of operation of the Complexes of all modifications is continuous, with periodic external inspection of technical means and interconnected operation of technical means in accordance with the installed software.

2. The software consists of utility and application programs that implement information, control and computing tasks of the Complex.
3. The set of application programs for all FLOUTEK-TM measuring systems (including self-powered systems) includes:
CONCOR – program for configuration and maintenance of calculators and correctors of complexes;
HOSTWIN – a program for polling, accumulating and viewing service information, issuing reports on the consumption of the measured medium, etc.3. Programs and applications run under all MS Windows operating systems.

4. Sheets for ensuring the procedure for communication between the service personnel and the Calculator (Corrector) in the process of executing the CONCOR and HOSTWIN programs are given in the manual “Software for the measuring and controlling complex” “FLOWTECH-TM” . . .

5. Operator’s manual АЧСА.00001-01 34 01 (purpose and description of CONCOR and HOSTWIN programs)