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Valveless ceramic block BBK-5

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( full specifications are in the manual for the device )
  1. Valveless ceramic block (differential pressure valve) – BBK-5 (hereinafter – BBK-5) is designed for error-free switching of the inputs of the differential pressure measuring transducer (hereinafter – the differential pressure gauge) to the channels for measuring the differential pressure, or to the channels for connecting the differential pressure gauge with a reference source pressure or atmosphere.
  2. BBK-5 eliminates the possibility of distorting the results of pressure drop measurements by opening some channels and closing other channels.
  3. BBK-5 allows checking or calibrating the differential pressure gauge without dismantling it.
  4. BBK-5 excludes the possibility of incorrect switching of channels and overloading of differential pressure gauges when applying – removing pressure on them.
  5. Type of climatic performance UHL-1.1 according to GOST 15150 for the operating temperature range from minus 40 to 50 °C.


The gas pressure should not exceed -10 MPa.
Overpressure not more than 1.4 times.
The guaranteed number of switching cycles is 50,000.
The maximum moment on the switching handle is 10 N * m.
Connection to the measurement object via impulse tubes.


The valveless block BBK-5 can be used with connecting sizes of differential pressure gauges such as Honeywell, Fisher-Rosemount, Hartman and Brown, KZPS PPS.2(3) – DP, Metran, Sapphire.
Connect differential pressure gauge to BBK-5 with fixing bolts.
Fix BBK-5 with a differential pressure gauge motionless to the supporting structures.
Connect the fitting to BBK-5 (it is recommended to seal the threaded connection with FUM TUK04-81 tape, tightening force is not more than 360 kgf/cm).
Move the switching knob to the M (Metrology) position, install gaskets in the holes of the captive nuts of the impulse tubes and connect the impulse tubes to the BBK-5.
Note. When connecting impulse tubes to BBK-5, it is necessary to observe the polarity of the inputs.
Open the cocks on the impulse pipes.
Move the BBK-5 handle from the “M” position to the “P” position (Work).
The differential pressure gauge is disconnected in the reverse order.
Checking the zero value of the differential pressure gauge scale under operating pressure is carried out by moving the switching knob from the “P” position to the “O” (“Zero”) position.
To check or calibrate the differential pressure gauge, turn the knob to the M position and apply pressure from the Calibrator to the M+ inlet.
After verification is complete, turn the knob to the “P” (Run) position.
The pneumatic diagram of channel switching is shown in Figure 2.


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