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Sensor measurements level liquids PD-1

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Stration example of mounting a sensor for measuring liquid level in a tank


( full specifications are in the manual for the device )

1. Liquid level sensor PD-1 is designed to measure and convert to analog and / or code electrical output signals of the liquid level in any container.
2. Sensor PD-1 (version of liquid level measurement) provides measurement of the level of the measured medium and can be used for control and regulation of technological processes in various industries, incl. in the gas, oil and gas industry, oil refining, petrochemical industry, industrial facilities and public utilities.
   The PD-1 sensor can be used as part of measuring complexes and systems for commercial accounting of gaseous or liquid products.
3. Sensor PD-1 belongs to the group of intelligent microprocessor field devices of explosion-proof and vibration-resistant execution, intended for information communication with other products.
4. Operation of the PD-1 Sensor is allowed at ambient temperature from minus 40 to plus 60°С.


1. The upper limit of measuring the liquid level is set by order in the range from 3.5 to 10 m of water column.
2. The parameters of the output signals of the converters correspond to:
   • analog signal – DC signal with value from 4 to 20 mA;
  • code signal – a signal with frequency modulation, consisting of a DC signal in the power supply circuit converters.
3. Limits of the basic summary error of transducers in percent of the measurement range at ambient temperature (20 ± 2) °С are ±0.025; ±0.05; ±0.075; ±0.1; ±0.15; ±0.2; ±0.25; ±0.4; ±0.5; ±1.0; ±1.5; ±2.0; ±2.5%.
   Limits of additional error of transducers from changes ambient temperatures in the range from minus 40 to plus 60 С are ±0.1% of the pressure measurement range.
4. The electric power supply of the transducers is carried out from an external DC source with the following parameters:
   • DC output voltage value – in the range from 7 to 36 V;
   • output voltage ripple in the frequency range from 47 to 125 Hz – no more than 0.2 V double peak value at current loading 50 mA;
   • intrinsic noise voltage value in the frequency range from 500 Hz to 10 kHz – no more than 1.2 mV (effective value);
   • output impedance – no more than 10 Ohm at load current up to 100 mA.
5. The power consumed by the converters does not exceed:
   • 0.25 W – when converting pressure into a DC voltage signal or into a code signal;
   • 0.75 W – when converting pressure into a DC signal.
6. The overall and connecting dimensions of the transducers (excluding the submersible part in the liquid storage tank) do not exceed – 100 x 110 x 75 mm;
7. The mass of converters is not more than – 0.6 kg.


1. The PD-1 sensor can be placed both outdoors and indoors. At the same time, it is allowed to place it in an explosive zone.
2. The frequency of certification of the PD-1 Sensor is once every two years.
3. The company provides warranty service for the PD-1 sensor within 24 months from the date of commissioning and service service throughout the entire service life.


Measuring pressure transducers PD-1


Type-examination Certificate (Pressure transducers PD-1)
Type Examination certificate. (Pressure transducers PD-1)
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