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Repair and metrological verification

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Repair and metrological verification
measuring devices

Our phones:
+38 (044) 492-76-21
+38 (044) 334-73-03
E-mail: dpugt@dgt.com.ua ;

The modern technical and metrological base of the company “DP UKRGASTECH” LTD allows to provide a full range of services, including:

– repair of all devices of our production;
– service check of the technical condition and maintenance of all devices of our production;
– calibration of measuring devices manufactured by us;
– diagnostics (inspection), metrological verification of calculators (correctors) of gas accounting, measuring pressure sensors and temperature sensors and all other component devices of measuring Complexes produced by us.

A qualified approach allows you to be sure that all measuring devices and gas accounting complexes work with the declared metrological and technical characteristics.
Verification of gas accounting measuring devices will be carried out together with the state enterprise “Ukrmetrteststandart” on the metrologically tested computerized equipment of “UKRGASTECH” LTD.

All work is performed by qualified specialists who have extensive experience in working with measuring devices and appropriate technical measuring tools.

Universal debugging device “CRAB BI-7K” is intended for debugging BI-7 intrinsically safe Barriers.

Specialists of the company “DP UKRGASTECH” LTD guarantee quick and professional assistance in any situation.