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Power supply JI 12/3,   JI 24/2.5

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( full specifications are in the manual for the device )

1. Power supply JI 12/3 and JI 24/2.5 are designed to provide power supply for measuring complexes of all modifications FLOUTEC-TM and other complexes and systems produced by “DP UkrGasTech” LTD.
   When the AC mains is disconnected or the mains voltage drops below normal, the power supply provides operation equipment from a backup battery (hereinafter referred to as the battery).
   Power supplies JI have an output voltage backup circuit, a circuit for monitoring and diagnosing the state of the power supply and battery, an automatic deep-discharge protection circuit, and also provide automatic recharging of the backup battery. GI automatically limits the load current at a fixed level.
2. GIs are designed to work with a maintenance-free lead-acid battery (ACB). Rated voltage Battery – 12 V (25.2 V). The nominal capacity of the battery is from 12 to 33 Ah. The battery charge is provided in a “floating” mode (float charge).
3. The design of JI power supplies provides the possibility of parallel operation of two or more JI of the same type for one load with a current consumption of not more than 6 A. In this case, it is possible to increase the battery capacity up to 55 A/h.


1. Technical properties of power supplies are given in the table.
2. The JI power supply is designed for operation outside hazardous areas in rooms at ambient temperature from minus 40 to plus 70 °С. Climatic version – C3 according to GOST 12997.
3. The degree of protection of the JI case from the effects of the environment is IP30 according to GOST 14254.
4. The service life of JI Power Sources is not less than   –   12 years.

Characteristic JI 12/3 & JI 24/2,5

JI 12/3
JI 24/2,5
 1.  AC input voltage frequency 45 – 65 Hz
120 … 250 V
 2.  DC output voltage at load current not exceeding 0.8 of the maximum
13,7+0,2 V
27,5+0,35 V
 3.  Maximum load current
3 A
2,5 A
 4.  Load current when operating in current limiting mode
3 – 3,4 A
2,5 – 2,8 A
 5.  Minimum output voltage when operating in the current limiting mode, no more
9 V
18 V
 6.  Threshold voltage “Discharge” battery
11,4+0,2 V
21,6+0,4 V
 7.  Battery shutdown threshold voltage
10,8+0,2 V
19,5+0,4 V
 8.  Efficiency at a load current of 0.8 of the maximum, not less
 9.  Own power consumption from the network in the absence of load, no more
5 W
 10.  Own current consumption of JI from the battery in active mode with the network off, no more
25 mA
 11.  Own current consumption of JI from the storage battery after an emergency shutdown, no more
0,2 mA
 12.  Switched voltage of outputs “Discharge” and “Autonom”, not more than
35 V
 13.  Switching current of outputs “Discharge” and “Autonom”, no more
20 mA
 14.  Electrical insulation resistance of input power circuits, not less than
20 MOm
 15.  Overall dimensions of the power supply, no more
140 х 140 х 65 mm
 16.  Mass of the power supply, no more
1 Kg


Power supply JI 12/3 and JI 24/2.5.