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Measuring pressure transducers PD-1

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( full specifications are in the manual for the device )

1. Measuring pressure transducers PD-1 (hereinafter referred to as transducers) are a means measuring equipment and are intended for conversion into an electrical digital (code) signal of an absolute, redundant or differential pressure (depending on execution) of liquids and/or non-aggressive gases to the material of the chambers of the measuring unit.
2. Pressure transducers PD-1 provide pressure measurement (or, in a special version, liquid level measurement). environment) and can be used to control and regulate technological processes in various industries as part of measuring systems and in gas volume conversion devices.
3. Pressure transducers PD-1 comply with the Technical Regulations for legally regulated measuring instruments, approved by the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of January 13, 2016 No. 94
4. Pressure transducers PD-1 are manufactured in the following modifications:
  a) by design:
   • Converter PD-1;
  • Converter with indicator PD-1N;
   • Converter small-sized PD-1M;
  • Small size transducer with indicator PD-1MN;
 b) by type of pressure conversion:
  • Absolute pressure transducers PD-1-A, PD-1N-A, PD-1M-A, PD-1MN-A;
  • Pressure transducers PD-1-I, PD-1N-I, PD-1M-I, PD-1MN-I;
    • Differential pressure transducers PD-1-D, PD-1M-D;
  • Converters of absolute and differential pressure PD-1-DA;
  • Gauge and differential pressure transducers PD-1-DI;
5. PD-1 pressure transducers belong to the group of intelligent microprocessor field devices explosion-proof and vibration-resistant design, designed for information communication with other products.
6. Pressure transducers PD-1 comply with the Technical Regulations approved by the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of December 28, 2016. No. 1055 and are marked with explosion protection
II 2G Ex ib IIB T3 Gb
 and can be used in explosive areas of open industrial sites and premises, where the formation of explosive mixtures of categories IIA and IIB is possible.
7. Operation of PD-1 Converters is allowed at ambient temperature from minus 40 up to plus 70 °C.


1. The upper limits of measurements of pressure transducers are set by order in the range:
– at measurements of absolute pressure . . . . . . . . – from 0,12 – 10.0 MPa;
– when measuring overpressure . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . – from 0.12 – 25.0 MPa;
– at measurements of differential pressure . . . . . . – from 1.0 – 100 kPa.
2. The parameters of the electrical output signal of the transducers correspond to:
   • PD-1 x-xx-С1 – with coded digital signal of Bell202 standard (HART protocol);
   • PD-1 x-xx-С2 – with PLI (Power Line Interface) coded digital signal;
  • PD-1 x-xx-С3 – with coded digital signal of RS485 interface (ANSI TIA/EIA-485-A:1998 standard).
3. Boundaries of the basic error reduced to the range of pressure conversions:
– ±0.025; ±0.05; ±0.075; ±0.1; ±0.15; ±0.2%;
– when measuring and converting absolute, gauge and differential pressure into a coded output signal are ±0.075; ±0.1; ±0.15 or ±0.25%.
4. The electrical power supply of the converters is carried out from an external DC source with the following technical characteristics (depending on the converter modification):
 • for a converter with a digital signal of the HART interface – from 8 to 27 V;
 • for converter with digital signal of PLI interface – from 9 to 14 V;
 • for a converter with a digital signal of the RS485 interface – from 3.3 to 14 V;
5. The power consumed by the converter does not exceed:
   • for converter with digital signal of HART protocol – 0.75 W;
   • for converter with digital signal of PLI interface – 0.1 W;
   • for converter with digital signal of RS485 interface – 0.75 W;
6. The overall and connecting dimensions of measuring Transducers PD-1 do not exceed those given in the drawing.
7. Mass of measuring transducers:
• for transducers PD-1, PD-1N – 2.5 kg;
• for small-size transducers PD-1M, PD-1MN – 1 kg;
8. The service life of pressure transducers PD-1 is at least 12 years.


1. Converters PD-1 can be placed both outdoors and indoors.
At the same time, it is allowed to place PD-1 Converters in an explosive zone.
2. The frequency of certification of PD-1 Converters is once every two years.
3. The company provides warranty service for pressure transducers PD-1 within 24 months and service service throughout the entire service life.


Measuring pressure transducers PD-1


Type-examination Certificate (Pressure transducers PD-1)
Type Examination certificate. (Pressure transducers PD-1)
Notice of type conformity based on quality assurance of the production process
Quality Management System Approval Certificate  (module D)
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