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Measuring complexes FLOUTEC-TM-2-3-4; FLOUTEC-TM-2-3-6

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“FLOWTECH-TM-2-3-4”, “FLOWTECH-TM-2-3-4-T”,
“FLOWTECH-TM-2-3-6”, “FLOWTECH-TM-2-3-6-Т”

(when using PC-V Calculators)


( full specifications are in the manual for the device )

1. Calculators PK-V version 2 are part of the measuring complexes with the general marking FLOUTEC-TM-2 based on which are produced measuring Complexes FLOUTEC-TM-2-3-4, FLOUTEC-TM-2-3-4-T, FLOUTEC-TM-2-3-6 and FLOUTEC-TM-2-3-6-T (the latest complexes marked …-2-3-6 and …-2-3-6-T are micro-consuming, self-powered).
    The complexes are designed to calculate the volume flow and volume of gas passed through the measuring pipeline for a certain period of time with the reduction of volume flow and gas volume to standard (normal) conditions.
    The difference between the FLOUTEC-TM-2-3-4-T and FLOUTEC-TM-2-3-6-T Complexes from the FLOUTEC-TM-2-3-4 Complex is that the FLOUTEC-TM-2-3-4-T and FLOUTEC-TM-2-3-6-T complexes measure the temperature and calculate the flow (the pressure in them is defined as – “constant”). Complexes are available as “temperature correctors”.
2. Complexes of all FLOUTEC-TM modifications comply with the Technical Regulations for Measuring Instruments approved CMU Decree No. 163 dated February 24, 2016
3. Modification complexes FLOUTEC-TM-2-. . . provide:
  • joint operation with a meter or meter-flowmeter of the medium, including rotary, turbine, ultrasonic, Coriolis and vortex gas meters, adjusts the working volume of gas or gas condensate received from the gas meter into the volume of gas under standard conditions by means of a pressure converter, which is an integral part of converter and external temperature converter.
   • the ability to exchange information with external devices and interact with the user using a computer (connected) to the Computer PC-B through an intrinsically safe barrier) via two separate communication channels with RS485 or RS232 interface and via one communication channel Ethernet LAN (with RJ-45 connection type);
   • printing of daily and monthly reports (at the user’s request).
4. Modification complexes FLOUTEC-TM-2-. . . . . . have explosion protection marking II 2G Ex ib IIB T3 Gb and can be installed in explosive areas of open industrial sites and premises where the formation of explosive mixtures.
5. Operation of FLOUTEC-TM-2- complexes. . . allowed at ambient temperature from minus 40 to plus 70 °C.
6. Calibration interval of FLOUTEC-TM-2- modification complexes. . . – once every two years (see paragraph 41, note 7) in accordance Order No. 1747 dated 10/13/2016  Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine.


1. Limits of permissible relative error of PK-V in the calculation of flow and volume (mass) (excluding meter error) range from ±0.3 to ±1.0% (depending on the error of pressure transducers) and the spectrum of the medium pressure configuration.
2. Limits of the permissible basic reduced error of the complex during measurements and conversion into an absolute code signal (excess) pressure are ± 0.075; ±0.1;  ±0.15  or   ±0.25%.
3. Limits of the permissible basic error of the complex when measuring and converting to a code output signal temperatures are ±0.1 °C or  ±0.3 °С (depending on the order).
4. Limits of permissible relative error of the complex when processing input signals The calculation of the medium parameters is ±0.02%.
5. The complex provides setting of the upper limit of pressure measurements (according to the order) in the range:
  • from 100 kPa to 16 MPa – for absolute pressure;
   • from 6.0 kPa to 25 MPa – for excess pressure;
6. The temperature measurement range is set (according to the order) in the range from minus 40 to plus 120 °С.
7. PK-V calculators allow you to store records of instantaneous, operational, temporary, daily data, emergency and emergency situations, operator intervention in the operation of the complex according to the PC-B polling cycle in one second using the equipped card memory for the last 60 days.
8. If necessary, the card can be removed to read information on a PC (computer). This procedure requires use the program “ConCor”.
    The maximum period of time for which records are stored in the memory of the calculator for each pipeline:
      – daily data . . . . . . . . . . . – for the last six months
    – hourly data . . . . . . . . – for the last two months
      – operational data . . . . . . – at least 3600 records
  • messages about emergency and emergency situations – 1000 records,
  • intervention – 1000 entries.
9. The complex provides the ability to interact with the operator through a PC connected to the PC-V via a communication channel at speeds from 300 to 38400 bps.
10. The complex is powered by an external DC power supply with a nominal voltage of 12 V.
     The complex has a backup DC power supply (battery) with a nominal voltage of 12 V, which ensures the safety of the measured information and stable operation of the complex for at least 100 hours.
11. The power consumed by the FLOUTEC-TM-2 modification complexes (excluding the presence of a flowmeter) does not exceed – 3.8 VA;
12. The service life of FLOUTEC-TM-2 measuring complexes is guaranteed by the company for at least 12 years.
13. The company provides warranty service for FLOUTEC-TM-2 within 18 months from the date of commissioning and service service throughout the entire service life.

As part of the Complexes  FLOUTEC-TM-2-3-4 / -4-T/  and   FLOUTEC-TM-2-3-6 / -6-T/
 devices included:

Name of devices
1. Calculator PC-V execution 2 *
2. Temperature converter PT-1 *
3. Intrinsically safe barrier BI-7
4. Power supply DJI 12/3 (with battery)
  – rechargeable battery DJW12-18  – technical books characteristics
5. Interface Converter Initiative     – delivered upon order
6. Cupboard (600x500x250 mm) with equipmentsupplied      in case of order
7. Cupboard (400x320x130 (190) mm) with equipment –      delivered if ordered

* p.p. 1, 2 – devices are located outside the cabinet

Documentation (Manual)

PK-V calculator
PK-V calculator (Complex FLOUTEC-TM-2-3-4 (-2-4-4) composed with FLOWSIC 500).
PK-V calculator (Complex FLOUTEC-TM-2-4-4 composed with FLOWSIC 600).
Measuring complexes FLOUTEC-TM. Operation manual
Measuring complex FLOUTEC-TM.
Order specification form for FLOUTEC-TM complexes


   To update the software of FLOUTEC-TM measuring Complexes go to the following link:
HostWin – Maintenance Program for PC-V Computers – (polling, accumulation and viewing information, issuance of commercial reports on the consumption of the measured medium) measuring complexes FLOUTEK-TM.

2). HostWork – Maintenance Program for PC-V Computers – (polling, accumulation and viewing information, issuance of commercial reports on the consumption of the measured medium) measuring complexes FLOUTEK-TM.

P.S. – manual.pdf – Instructions for working with HostWin with a proactive interface converter as part of the FLOUTEC-TM measuring complex  

CONCOR – Program for configuring PC-V calculators (Correctors) measuring complexes FLOUTEC-TM


Type Examination Certificate. PC-V converters
Type-examination Certificate (FLOUTEC-TM measuring systems)
Notice of type conformity based on quality assurance of the production process
Quality Management System Approval Certificate (module D)
 Certificates, Permits. . . (full list)