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Interface converter RS485/PLI

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( full specifications are in the manual for the device )

1. The RS485/PLI interface converter is designed to convert the physical levels of logical signals RS232 interface into the physical levels of logical signals of the PLI interface (Power Line Interface) and the organization of the exchange of digital information between a PC that has an RS485 user interface and supports communication with the converter by industrial controllers via PLI interface.
2. The transmitter is not a measuring instrument.
3. Operation of the RS485/PLI Interface Converter is allowed at an ambient temperature of minus 40 to plus 60 °С.


1. The RS485/PLI interface converter supports stable operation on exchange rate 19200 bps.
2. The delay of signal transmission by the introduced transducer is no more than 150 ms.
3. The converter is powered from a constant voltage source of 12±1.2 volts.
Converter power supply parameters:
– own consumption current – no more than 40 mA.
Power Line interface:
-output voltage – from 11 to 13 V;
– limiting the output current – up to 50 mA.
4. The degree of protection of the transducer housing against environmental influences is IP30.
5. The overall dimensions of the transducer do not exceed 94 x 59 x 35 mm.
6. The mass of the converter does not exceed – 0.1 kg.
7. Service life of RS485/PLI interface converter – 12 years.


1. The RS485/PLI interface converter is made in a plastic case with brackets for mounting on a DIN rail. In this case, the converter must be protected from direct exposure to atmospheric precipitation.
2. The company provides warranty service for the converter within 24 months and after-sales service during the entire service life.


Interface converter RS485/PLI.