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Gas odorization complex FLOUTEC-TM-D

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(extended capabilities of odorization installations)

A breakthrough in odorization technology (filterless gas odorization technology)
Automatic “wick” installations
Immediate refueling of odorant (from an underground tank)
Connection to the tank without cutting


 Ecologicaly clean odorant vapor utilizer(“Multiplicator“) is designed for pumping odorant vapor from a working and/or underground containers into the output manifold of the GDS.
  The principle of operation is based on the selection of gas from the inlet manifold of the GDS and the subsequent discharge of this part of the gas into outlet manifold together with odorant vapors. This eliminates the leakage of odorant vapor into the atmosphere and ensures this system environmentally friendly!
 The multiplicator has a pneumatic drive, which is controlled by a controller together with electromagnetic valves.

Patents for FLOUTEC-TM-D complexes/ developer and manufacturer “DP UkrGasTech” LTD /

Demonstration version of the operation of the FLOUTEK-TM-D Gas Odorization Complex
(volume of dispensed dose of odorant at the degree of odorization 16 g – per 1000 nm3 of gas)


( full specifications are in the manual for the device )

  1. The FLOUTEC-TM-D complex is designed for standardized dosage of natural or liquefied gas as an odorant, passing through the gas pipeline in order to timely detect gas leaks by the consumer. Odorization of gas is carried out by supplying metering valve or pump into the gas flow of odorant microdoses and measuring the amount of odorant microdoses.
  2. The FLOUTEC-TM-D complex provides regulation of the degree of gas odorization by changing the time interval between dispensing set odorant doses and calculation of the odorant consumption depending on the measured consumption of natural gas and its composition.
  3. Through the stop valves, the Complex can be connected to the drip-type odorization plant operating at the GDS.
  4. The FLOUTEC-TM-D complex differs from similar complexes from other manufacturers by the ability to measure each issued doses and the availability of an hourly and daily database of odorant costs tied to the volume of the passed gas.
  5. The gas odorization complex FLOUTEC-TM-D is mass-produced according to the specifications of TU U 33.3-22192141-004-2002 and can be operated in all climatic zones of the CIS.
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1. Deviation of the degree of gas odorization from the set value determined by the results of chemical analysis, does not exceed ±0.9%.
2. The maximum gas consumption with an odorization degree of 16 g per 1000 m3 of gas is 300,000.0 m3/hour.
3. Maximum gas pressure in the pipeline:
– main gas pipelines and GDS – 16 bar;
– CNG filling stations – 76 bar.
4. Operation of the FLOUTEC-TM-D Complex is allowed under the following conditions:
   – ambient air temperature from minus 30 to 50 °С;
   – relative humidity up to 98% at a temperature of 35 °C.
5. Power supply of the FLOUTEC-TM-D Complex is carried out from the alternating current network with voltage from 160 to 250 V and frequency (50 ±1) Hz.
6. Electrical power consumption by the FLOUTEC-TM-D Complex. . . – no more than 70 VA.
7. When the 220 V electrical network is turned off, the FLOUTEC-TM-D Complex functions fully throughout the day due to the presence of as part of a backup DC power supply complex (accumulator).
8. Overall dimensions of the complex (depending on the delivery option) – no more than 2300 x 1400 x 1250 mm
9. Mass of the complex (depending on the delivery option) . . . . – from 290 to 430 kg.
10. The service life of the technical means of the FLOUTEC-TM-D    – at least 10 years.


Gas odorization complex FLOUTEC-TM-D. Operation manual
Gas odorization complex FLOUTEC-TM-D.
Custom specification form for the FLOUTEC-TM-D Gas Odorization Complex


Quality management system. Certificate
Notice of type conformity based on quality assurance of the production process
Quality Management System Approval Certificate (module D)
Type Examination Certificate. (Gas odorization complex FLOUTEK-TM-D)


gas odorization units from leading manufacturers

The existing norm of the degree of odorization natural gas 16 g per 1000 m3.
In order to maintain the degree of gas odorization, the installations must perform the following functions:
# functions:
1. Direct reading of information via digital interface from flow computers natural gas.
2. Forecasting the consumption (volume) of the gifted gas.
3. Continuous measurement of the injected odorant dose.
4. Correction of the injected dose of odorant to the specified value.
5. Accounting for the initial content of odorant in natural gas before odorization.

Availability of functions in the odorization settings are shown in the table

Main manufacturers of gas odorization plants
LEWA (Germany)
Odogas *
(number-pulse discrete signals are received from calculators of FLOUTEC-TM, SuperFlo, UTG, Floinek complexes)
(in the calculator not exceeding the computing power resource due to the use of
USK-OD device.
/On request of the customer, it is possible to supply FLOUTEC-TM with a number-pulse discrete output/
(number-pulse discrete signals are received from calculators FLOUTEC-TM, SuperFlo, UTG, Floinek)
(number-pulse discrete signals are received from calculators FLOUTEC-TM, SuperFlo, UTG, Floinek)
Present *
Present *
/it is not the mass that is measured, but the volume of the dose/
/it is not the mass that is measured, but the volume of the dose/
/there are only average daily observations/
Present *
/with precision
60 % – 70 %/
Нет информации
Present *
Present *

Function 1 – implementation as part of other computers is limited by the processor power of these computers. At the frequency of reading from the calculator information about the volume (flow) of gas is greater than the limiting frequency [ f ] – the latter can “hang”. Therefore, in SuperFlo calculators, Floinek, UTG – a provided number-pulse discrete output that outputs a value after passing a given volume of gas. The method of obtaining information in the number-pulse form is tied to fixed timestamps determined by the cycle calculation of the gas volume of the calculator processor (usually within 1 – 6 sec). The error in measuring gas flow at this method can reach 20% – 40%.
Function 2 – when using number-pulse information is almost impossible.
Function 3 – continuous measurement of injected volume the dose of the odorant depends on the influence of the ambient temperature. It is known that the density of the odorant in winter and summer may differ by about 10%, which naturally affects the accuracy of the injected odorant mass of the LEWA and Tartarini units. In the “KSOG2” installation, there is only an average daily observation of the volume of the injected odorant. About stable dose through dosing a valve with a fixed opening, “calibrated in the conditions of the manufacturer” is out of the question at all, since the dose is affected by many factors: the level of the odorant in the container, the stability and pressure difference, temperature, the variability of the tension forces of the drop, the degree of purity of the odorant, the dullness of the edges, etc.
Function 4 – can be performed according to the integral total (e.g. 20 doses) in company settings “LEWA” и “Tartarini”.
   In the “Odogaz” installation, it is difficult due to the instability inherent in this measurement scheme. To install “KSOG2” this function is fundamentally unsolvable, since there is no continuous automatic measurement of the dose of the odorized liquid. In addition, the dosing method adopted in the “KSOG2” plant is potentially dangerous, since it can lead to underfilling of the odorant dose, and in case of overflow – to environmental pollution. In Western Europe, Ukraine and the Russian Federation, such dosage methods have already been abandoned.

Function 5 – accounting for the initial content of the odorant in natural gas before odorization.  * – The technological scheme of the Odogaz odorization unit repeats the earlier option installation “FLOUTEC-TM-D” (based on the equipment: – valve, measuring tube, pump, etc.) removed by us from production in 2011 this option of instability during the measurement.

Comment (explanation):
1. To eliminate the error in gas odorization, we recommend that you receive information from the Calculator immediately in a digital code.
2. The use of information in the form of number-pulse signals leads to a certain degree of error in gas odorization!

Gas odorization plants of major manufacturers

The main differences of the FLOUTEC-TM-D gas odorization complexes from other manufacturers

1. The FLOUTEC-TM-D complex provides measuring the weight of the dosed odorant.
Installations of firms “LEWA”, “Tartarini” and “RMA” measure the volume of the dosed odorant. The KSOG-2 device does not measure the dose at all.
  Technological scheme of the “Odogaz” odorization unit and Saratov odorization units (BO, BO-M, wick odorizers) type – manufacturer LLC ZAVOD “SARATOVGAZAVTOMATIKA”, RF) repeat the early option of installing odorization “FLOUTEC-TM-D” (based on filling valve, measuring tube, pump . . .) discontinued by us many years ago due to process instability measurement of the odorant dose during gas odorization.
  Note: the density of the odorant (and as a result, the volume changes by about 10%).

2. The FLOUTEC-TM-D complex provides measurement of each dose of dispensed odorant, including provides measurement of the return flow of odorant through the pump. Reverse flow measurement helps to prevent “air” dosing pump” and for this reason prevent the odorization process from stopping during long pauses between doses (like summer gas consumption, lack of odorant in CNG filling stations and liquefied gas) even with LEWA pumps. Other complexes measure the integral, that is, the total dose of the odorant and cannot measure the reverse flow.
3. The FLOUTEC-TM-D complex provides for direct reading of information from calculators gas flow rate excluding the error in obtaining the flow rate of the odorant when receiving a discrete signal on the flow rate (error on the instantaneous consumption can reach up to 50%).
4. Manufacturer of gas odorization complexes FLOUTEC-TM-D and all components for them is located in Ukraine, which allows us to provide the necessary service and replacement of components.
5. FLOUTEK-TM-D complexes are designed (optional) when the odorant is fed into the measuring tube directly from an underground storage tank.
Pumps of other companies, used in odorization installations, work only under “filling” and do not have the possibility of intake odorant from an underground tank.
  P.S. – the use of an underground tank allows you to maintain the optimal storage temperature of the odorant in winter and summer, and prevent moisture freezing in winter and odorant boiling in summer.

6. Latest modifications of odorization complexes FLOUTEC-TM-D c direct intake of the odorant from the underground tank eliminates the release of odorant vapor into the atmosphere from the intermediate working tank, which favorably distinguishes it from similar installations in terms of environmental safety.
  With a relatively pure odorant in this mode, FLOUTEC-TM-D units can operate for one or two quarters without the participation of service personnel.

7. FLOUTEC-TM-D odorization units have an option that does not use filters cleaning the odorant, since it has the ability to function with a relatively “dirty” odorant in the appropriate flow ranges.
8. There is also an option to install odorization FLOUTEC-TM-D operating in automatic mode for the flow ranges of manual wick installations. In this setup, the minimum single injected the dose of the odorant is 0.005 grams.
Two cost-effective options for single-pump odorization units FLOUTEK-TM-D with the measurement of the dispensed dose of the odorant have been developed.
10. The FLOUTEC-TM-D gas odorization unit can operate in offline (no human intervention) about a year on average. During this period, no environmental pollution, there is no need to bleed odorant vapors when filling the working tank.
  Autonomous operation of the installation provides direct supply of odorant from the storage tank to the gas main (pipe). The autonomous operation time of the installation depends on the volume of the odorant storage tank (1-3 m3) and the quality of the pre-filtration odorant when filled into a storage container.
  To ensure this mode of operation, the FLOUTEC-TM-D gas odorization unit uses a special separation technology gas from the odorant, which is the KNOW-HOW of the manufacturer.
  Gas distribution stations using such an installation can operate in automatic mode without constant service personnel. This possibility favorably distinguishes the FLOUTEC-TM-D complex from other manufacturers currently in production.
  This option is available in FLOUTEC-TM-D odorization units, which replaces microdosing manual “fitting” units with automatic with a minimum single dispensed dose of odorant – 0.005 g.
   According to the developers, automatic “fitting” installations are currently not made.