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( full specifications are in the manual for the device )

1. Controller of physical and chemical parameters of gas FHP (hereinafter referred to as Controller FHP) is intended for ensuring the interaction of the gas flow metering complex with the chromatograph, moisture analyzer and control room service and is designed to work in automatic process control systems, telemechanics complexes, complexes of commercial accounting of gas in various industries.
2. FHP controller provides collection, processing, accumulation and transmission of information from the gas chromatograph into the calculator’s memory for subsequent accounting of gas, taking into account its composition. The gas composition is updated before the start of each contract period. The number of surveys per day and the time of transmission of calculation results are determined by the user independently.
3. The FHP controller is not a measuring instrument.
4. Operation of the FHP controller is allowed at ambient temperature from minus 40°С to plus 70°С.
5. The FHP controller performs the following functions:
   – continuous interrogation of the chromatograph and moisture analyzer;
   – calculation of density and specific heat of combustion, according to the selected standard conditions (if necessary);
   – archiving of the received data in the non-volatile memory of the controller;
  – formation of an archive based on the received consumption data for the past day, current daily and current hourly values;
   – maintaining an archive of emergency situations;
   – control of the received data for compliance with the established ranges with the formation of appropriate diagnostic messages.
   – recording the physical and chemical parameters of the gas in the gas flow calculator, according to the selected regulation;
– transfer of historical data on consumption and calorific value upon request of data acquisition systems and / or automatic transfer to the selected server;
   – relaying requests to gas flow calculators.
   – etc . . .
  PS. – Attention! – If necessary, the user can independently configure the FHP Controller with one of the presented programs (see “Software” below).


1. The FHP controller provides data exchange at speeds from 9600 to 57600 bps (depending on the selected one) interface port).
2. It has a galvanic solution between RS232, RS485, PLI interfaces.
3. The FHP Controller is powered from an external DC source
rated voltage – 12 V (allowable – from 10 to 24 V);
  consumption current:
   – minimum not less than 50 mA;
  – maximum, taking into account the GSM modem, not more than 1580 mA;
   power consumption – no more than 2.2 W.
4. The degree of protection of the body of the FHP Controller from environmental influences is IP30 in accordance with GOST 14254.
5. Overall dimensions of the FHP Controller do not exceed 160 x 100 x 60 mm.
6. The mass of the controller does not exceed – 0.5 kg.
7. The service life of the FHP Controller is 12 years.


1. The FHP controller is made in a plastic case with brackets for mounting on a DIN rail In this case, the controller must be protected from the direct action of precipitation.
2. The company provides warranty service for the FHP controller within 24 months and after-sales service throughout the service life.


The FHP controller. Manual


 List of configurator programs in accordance with the equipment used (chromatograph and moisture meter) as part of FLOUTEC-TM complexes:

FHP_SIEMENS.zip – Configuration program for the FHP Controller – chromatograph Siemens
FHP_Encal3000.zipConfiguration program for the FHP Controller – chromatograph Encal3000
FHP_HGC_303.zip Configuration program for the FHP Controller – chromatograph HGC_303
FHP_NGC8200_V10_06.zip Configuration program for the FHP Controller – chromatograph HGC8200
FHP_Emerson_370.zip Configuration program for the FHP Controller – chromatograph Emerson 370
FHP_Emerson_700.zipConfiguration program for the FHP Controller – chromatograph Emerson 700
FHP_PGC9300.zip Configuration program for the FHP Controller – chromatograph PGC9300
FHP_MGCFlex.zip Configuration program for the FHP Controller – chromatograph MGCFlex

USB_Stm32_Driver.zipDriver for connecting the FHP Controller via interface USB

manual.txtКоментарий к программам конфигурирования Пробразователей интерфейсов

manual.txt – Commentary on the configuration programs for Initiating Interface Converters