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Environmentally friendly odorant vapor heat exchanger (multiplicator)

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( full specifications are in the manual for the device )

1. The odorant vapor utilizer (hereinafter referred to as the multiplicator) pumps odorant vapor from the working and/or “underground” capacity into the output manifold of the GDS.
2. The multiplicator has a pneumatic drive, which is controlled by a controller together with solenoid valves.
3. The principle of operation is based on the selection of gas from the inlet manifold of the GDS and the subsequent discharge of this part of the gas into the outlet manifold together with odorant vapors. This eliminates the leakage of odorant vapor into the atmosphere and makes this system environmentally friendly!
4. Operation of the multiplier is allowed at ambient temperature from minus 30 to plus 50 °С.


1. The dose volume of the pump is 200 cm3.
2. The required pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of the GDS is at least 0.3 MPa.

3. Seal material – fluoroplast.


1. Package includes:
– cartoonist
– control valves
– control controller
– technological cabinet
2. The multiplicator can be supplied as part of the FLOUTEC-TM-D gas odorization complex.
3. The company provides warranty service for the multiplier within 24 months and after-sales service during the entire service life.


Pneumatic pump “Multiplicator”.