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Direct refueling from an underground tank

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When manually filling the working container with an odorant from a storage tank (underground tank), it is necessary to incite a high pressure of the odorant vapor in the working container in advance. In order to reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere and automate the process of refueling the odorant, a modification of the odorization installation was developed with refueling of the odorant supply unit directly from the underground tank.
Such refueling is provided with the help of a ND2 pump in a vacuum design. At the same time, the odorant storage capacity and the flow meter are under pressure up to 0.7 bar, which corresponds to the permissible pressure in the storage capacity. The odorant is supplied to the gas pipeline using a high-pressure pump.
The working capacity of the odorant acts as an emergency reserve for manual gas odorization.