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( full specifications are in the manual for the device )

1. The RS232/ML interface converter is designed as a physical level converter logic signals of the RS232 interface to the ML interface signal (close to the parameters of the Maxim/Dallas 1-Wire signal) and vice versa.
2. The converter is used to organize the exchange of digital information via the RS232/ML trunk interface between industrial controllers and PC with RS232 interface.
3. The transmitter is not a measuring instrument.
4. Operation of the RS232/ML interface converter is allowed at ambient temperature from minus 40 to plus 60 °C


1. Power supply parameters of the RS232/ML Converter from an external DC source:
• Nominal supply voltage . . . – 12 B
• valid values​from . . . . – 8 to 16 V
• self-consumption current . . . . – no more than 20 mA.
• power consumption – no more than 0.4 W.
2. The RS232/ML converter interface uses standard CMOS/TTL logic levels:
• voltage below 0.8 V corresponds to a logic low level
• A voltage above 2.8V is a logic high.
• The trunk uses an operating supply voltage of 2.8V . . . . 5 B
3. The RS232/ML converter provides stable conversion for  speeds  exchange  before  38,400 bps.
   Maximum exchange rate  before  115.2 kbps without error correction for trunk length interface RS232/ML  –   2 m
4. The overall dimensions of the transducer do not exceed 42 x 110 x 66 mm.
5. The mass of the converter does not exceed – 0.1 kg.
6. Converter service life – 12 years.


1. The RS232/ML interface converter is made in a plastic case with brackets for mounting on a wall or flat support with screws. In this case, the converter must be protected from direct action. atmospheric precipitation.
2. Degree of protection against actions of environment of IP30.
3. The company provides warranty service for the converter within 24 months and service during the entire service life.


Interface converter RS232/ML.