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( full specifications are in the manual for the device )

1. Calculator PC-V version 1 is a measuring instrument with the function of a calculator and is intended for measurements according to the method of variable difference of absolute (gauge) pressure, differential pressure and temperature of gases and calculation of volumetric flow and volume of gas passed through the measuring pipeline;
2. The calculator PC-V version 1 is intended for use as part of flow meters for accounting, including for the commercial accounting of gases, as well as for the control of technological processes in the gas, oil and gas producing, oil refining, petrochemical industry, at industrial facilities and public utilities.
3. The PC-V version 1 calculator is marked with explosion protection II 2G Ex ib IIB T3 Gb and can be installed in explosive areas of open industrial sites and premises where the formation of explosive mixtures is possible categories IIA and IIB.
   PS. – based on Calculator PC-V version 1 – a measuring instrument is supplied complex FLOUTEC-TM-2-1-2. The composition of the complex is given below!


1. The limits of the permissible basic relative error in calculating the flow rate and volume (mass) of the medium are according to table 1:
   Table 1
2. Limits of additional error from changes in ambient temperature in the range from minus 40 to plus 70 °С do not exceed ±0.1% of the pressure measurement range and ±0.1 °С when measuring temperature.
3. The upper limits of pressure measurement are set according to the order in the ranges:
– from 100 kPa to 10 MPa – for absolute pressure;
– from 6.0 kPa to 25 MPa – for overpressure;
– from 1.0 to 256 kPa       – for differential pressure.
4. The converter exchanges data with external devices at the initiative of external devices at a speed not below 9600 bps. The default baud rate is 38,400 bps.
5. The converter is powered from an external DC source with a voltage of 15 to 30 V.
6. The electrical power consumed by the converter does not exceed – 0.75 W.
7. Overall and connecting dimensions – no more than 180 x 260 x 130 mm.
8. The weight of the PC-V Calculator is no more than 4.5 kg.
9. The service life of the Calculator PC-V version 1 is at least 12 years.


1. The results of the calculated information are displayed on a digital liquid crystal display.
2. Updating of data generated by the PC-V Calculator is carried out at least once per second via a two-wire communication line based on the open digital protocol HART.
3. Calculator PC-V version 1 provides:
• calculation of the flow rate and volume (mass) of the medium in accordance with the current regulations;
• presentation of measurement and calculation results on a digital display devices in auto swipe mode with   1;   5   and   10 c.
• volume of data records stored in memory Computer PC-V execution 1:
– daily data . . . . . . . . – for the last six months
– hourly data . . . . . – for the last two months
– operational data . . . . – at least 3600 entries
– message about emergency and emergency situations – 1000 entries;
– intervention – 1000 entries.
4. The company provides warranty service for the Calculator PC-V version 1 within 24 months and service service throughout the entire service life.

Composition of the FLAUTECH-TM-2-1-2 Complex

Calculation of gas consumption based on the PC-V version 1 calculator using
the variable pressure drop method.
(provides measurement in only one pipeline)

Name of devices
For one
pipe (pcs.)
For two
pipes (pcs.)
For three
pipes (pcs.)
1. Calculator PC-V version 1
2. Temperature converter PT-1
3. Intrinsically safe barrier BI-7
4. Power supply DJI 12/3 (with battery)
  – rechargeable battery DJW12-18  – technical books characteristics

Documentation (Manual)

PC-V calculator. Manual
Measuring complexes FLOUTEC-TM.  Operation manual


To update the software of the Calculator PC-V version 1, go to the following link:

HostWin – Maintenance Program for PC-V Computers – (polling, accumulation and viewing information, issuance of commercial reports on the consumption of the measured medium) measuring complexes FLOUTEK-TM.

2). HostWork – Maintenance Program for PC-V Computers – (polling, accumulation and viewing information, issuance of commercial reports on the consumption of the measured medium) measuring complexes FLOUTEK-TM.

P.S. – manual.pdf – Instructions for working with HostWin with a proactive interface converter as part of the FLOUTEC-TM measuring complex  

CONCOR – Program for configuring PC-V calculators (Correctors) measuring complexes FLOUTEC-TM


Type Examination Certificate.  (PC-V calculator)
Type-examination Certificate  (FLOUTEC-TM measuring systems)
Notice of type conformity based on quality assurance of the production process
Quality Management System Approval Certificate  (module D)
 Certificates, Permits. . .  (full list)