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Cathode voltage converters PN5, PN50, PN75

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( full specifications are in the manual for the device )

1. Cathode voltage converters are produced in 3 types: PN5, PN50 and PN75, and are designed for measurements of the cathodic potential of the current or voltage of the cathodic protection station and converting them into electrical output signals direct current – a code (digital) signal of the BELL202 standard and/or a current signal with a value of 4 to 20 mA.
  According to the method of processing measurement information, the converters belong to the group of intelligent microprocessor field devices.
2. Operation of the cathode voltage converter is allowed at an ambient temperature of minus 40 to plus 60 °С.


1. Specifications of the PV Cathode Voltage Converters are given in the table.
2. Service life of Cathode Voltage Converters not less than   –   12 years.

 1.  Voltage of the cathode potential in the range (Uin)
minus 0.8 V to minus 3.2 V
from 4
to 50 V
 2.  The voltage from the shunt in the cathodic protection current circuit is in the range
from 0
to 100 mV
 3.  Input impedance of converters
not less than 10 MOhm
 4.  Relative error in measurements and conversions of the input signal
no more than 1%
 5.  Power supply from an external DC source in MULTIDROP mode
12 to 36 V
 6.  Output signal – digital (HART) or current signal
4 – 20 mA
 7.  Breakdown voltage of electrical insulation of power circuits 220 V AC
not less than 1500 V
 8.  The number of measuring transducers connected to one communication line, no more
10 pieces
 9.  Permissible length of a two-wire shielded communication line connected to voltage converters
1200 m
 10.  Overall dimensions of converters no more
230 х 180 х 80 mm
 11.  Mass of converters, no more
3 kg
 12.  Service life, not less
12 years


1. The design of the PV Cathodic Voltage Converters provides the ability to place them in the field and fasten in any working position on a flat support.
2. The company provides warranty service for Cathode Voltage Converters PN within 24 months and service service throughout the entire service life.


Cathode voltage converters PN.