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Barrier Intrinsically safe BI-7

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( full specifications are in the manual for the device )

1. The intrinsically safe barrier BI-7 is designed as a separating device between electrical circuits explosive and non-explosive areas, with explosion protection of the intrinsically safe circuit type. The barrier electrically isolates power circuits and interface (signal) circuits of converters or other digital devices.
2. The BI-7 barrier has intrinsically safe electric circuits of the “ib” level and explosion protection marking II (2)G [Ex ib] IIB Gb meeting the requirements of DSTU 7113:2009, DSTU EN 60079-11:2016 and is designed for installation outside hazardous areas and premises.
3. Data exchange rate via RS-232 and RS-485 interfaces is configurable and can be selected from a range of speeds 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200 Baud
 – the speed of data transmission through the USB or Ethernet interfaces corresponds to the setting for the corresponding relay channels;
   – electrical parameters of the BI-7 barrier USB interface correspond to USB 2.0 FS. Barrier USB connector type – MiniUSB;
    – electrical parameters of the Ethernet interface comply with IEEE 802.3u 100BASE-TX. The barrier’s Ethernet connector type is 8P8C (RJ45).
4. Devices that have passed the conformity assessment procedure in accordance with requirements of the Technical Regulations (Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of December 28, 2016 No. 1055) and are made with the type of explosion protection “intrinsically safe electrical circuit” according to DSTU EN 60079-11:2016. The input voltage, current and power of such devices should be no more than corresponding initial parameters of the BI-7 barrier.
5. The BI-7 barrier provides retransmission to the explosive zone and two channels of serial digital communication with interfaces RS-485 and RS-232 for each channel with the logic of connecting the receive signals by the “I” function.
Barrier BI-7 from the side of the explosion-proof zone is equipped with:
   – two channels of serial digital communication with relaying interfaces RS-485 and RS-232 for each channel with the logic of combining reception signals by function I;
 – USB interface, which is used to configure the parameters of the built-in communication barrier microcontroller and, depending on the version of its software, the broadcast of information exchange with the connected devices in the explosive zone;
  – Ethernet interface, which is used to connect to local networks (LAN / Internet) and the global Internet with the organization of a remote connection with a communication microcontroller built into the BI-7 barrier and relaying data streams in explosive zone (functionality depends on the software version of the microcontroller built into the barrier).


1. The intrinsically safe barrier BI-7 provides electrical power to devices located in the explosive zone using an external DC power supply ranging from plus 10 to plus 14 V for each connected device:
– current consumption of barrier BI-7 (excluding loads), not more than – 60 mA;
– the maximum current consumed by the BI-7 barrier, taking into account the maximum possible loads, no more than – 550 mA.
2. Operation of the barrier BI-7 is allowed under the following conditions:
ambient air temperature from minus 40 to 70 °С
– relative humidity up to 95% at a temperature of 35 °С
3. Overall dimensions of BI-7 are no more than . . . . . . . . . . . – 185 x 135 x 64 mm.
4. The mass of the barrier does not exceed . . – 1.0 kg.
5. The service life of the BI-7 barrier is at least 12 years.


The intrinsically safe barrier BI-7.


BI7_USB_inf.zip – virtual serial port drivers (for OS Win2k/XP/Win7/ Win8).
P.S. – for OS Win10 no additional driver required!
Terminal emulator for 64-bit environment (MIT license)
Terminal emulator for 32-bit environment (MIT license)
readme.txt – driver comment BI7_USB_inf.zip


Type Examination Certificate. Intrinsically safe barrier BI-7
Notice of type conformity based on quality assurance of the production process
Type-examination Certificate.  (Intrinsically safe barriers BI-7 . . . )