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Gas-dynamic electric generator GP-1

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( full specifications are in the manual for the device )

1. The gas-dynamic electric generator GP-1 (hereinafter referred to as the generator) is intended for obtaining alternating current voltage from 7.5 to 22.5 volts and the subsequent use of the GP-1 generator as part of other technical means at the facilities in the absence of central power supply.
2. The principle of operation of the GP-1 generator is based on the use of mechanical energy of the gas passing through the generator and transformation ee into electricity.
3. Operation of the GP-1 generator is allowed at an ambient temperature of minus 40 to plus 60 °C.
4. On the basis of the GP-1 gas-dynamic electric generator, an autonomous power supply complex is supplied, see link.


1. The GP-1 generator produces alternating current, with a voltage of 7.5 V on each phase
2. The total AC voltage is between 20 and 22.5 V.
3. The maximum electric power of the generator is 1 W.
4. The pressure drop on the generator is no more than 0.05 MPa
5. The maximum allowable pressure in the pipeline is no more than 0.3 MPa
6. The weight of the GP-1 generator is no more than 1 kg
7. The dimensions of the GP-1 generator do not exceed 120 x 110 x 73 mm.
8. The generator GP-1 belongs to the devices of explosion-proof design with the marking of the type of explosion protection 1ExmeIIT6 according to DSTU 7113


1. Gas-dynamic electric generator GP-1 is connected to the pipeline with the help of two technological fittings with external pipe thread G3/4″. Passage diameter of 15 mm.
2. The company provides warranty service for the GP-1 generator for 18 months and service for the entire period service life.


Type inspection certificate. Generator GP-1