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About Us


“DP UkrGasTech” LTD
(Ukraine, city Kyiv)
company organization

in January 2001
leading experts in the field
automation industrial enterprises

  As part of its specialists, the company has been working since 1995.

“DP UkrGasTech” LTD (as a legal entity) was registered on January 30, 2001.
  The main activity of the enterprise is the production of automation equipment in the oil and gas industry, including means of commercial gas metering, calculators (correctors), mass flow meters, gas odorization units, pressure and temperature sensors with stable and precise characteristics in a given temperature range.
  Gas metering is performed by automatically converting the amount of gas measured under actual conditions measurement with a gas meter or variable differential pressure method, using standard orifice devices, in the amount gas under standard conditions, followed by the calculation of the energy of the measured amount of gas.
  The total number of employees of the company is about 70 people, which includes two candidates of technical sciences, including one academician of the Ukrainian Oil and Gas Academy (UNGA).

The company carries out the most fruitful cooperation with foreign and domestic partners:

Foreign partners:
“JUMO” (Austria)

Domestic partners:
LTD “Viakom” (Kyiv)
1. A complete list of devices manufactured by “DP UkrGasTech” LTD according to their functional purpose see link.
2. For a complete list of certificates and permits for devices manufactured by

“DP UkrGasTech” LTD, see this link Certificates, Permits . . . (full sq

This information site is designed to provide technical assistance to specialists in gas consumption accounting of Naftogaz of Ukraine (JSC “Ukrtransgaz”, JSC “Ukrgazvydobuvannya”), the Regional Gas Company (RGC), as well as all specialists who use equipment produced by the company “DP UKRGASTECH” LTD

The engineering and technical staff provides:

  1. Development of design, schematic and new technological solutions.
  2. Software development.
  3. Development of design and operational documentation.
  4. Production and testing of products, their certification.

Assembly area

Algorithms for calculating the natural properties of gas and bringing gas volumes to standard conditions are taken into account in the development of “DP UKRGASTECH” LTD. Such features of equipment operation as sudden power outages, instability of voltage and frequency of the power supply network are taken into account.

Launch of the PLAMYA-04 Natural Gas Heater Complex

The company’s specialists have implemented several thousand single- and multi-threaded commercial natural gas metering units at facilities in Ukraine, the Republic of Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Moldova, and the Russian Federation..

Запуск оборудования САУ ГРС

The direction of the company’s activity

  1. Implementation of the entire complex of works on the development, serial production of means of automation and commercial accounting of objects in the gas, oil and gas production, oil refining, petrochemical industries and other energy- and heat-consuming industrial objects.
  2. The flow measuring equipment has relevant certificates, as well as relevant certificates of explosion protection. The company has experience in certifying products of its own production.
  3. The company also provides services during renovations of commercial gas metering units of gas distribution stations designed in the 1960s and 1990s, in terms of expanding the functionality of the installed flow-measuring equipment and software and technical control and management complexes, and completes products, expanding their operational capabilities by addition of remote options for interventions and settings, ensures the supply of equipment for remote transmission of information.
  4. The company has implemented and successfully operates a Quality Management System, as evidenced by the Certificate of Approval of the Quality Management System, issued in accordance with the section “Module D (conformity to type by ensuring the quality of the production process)” of Appendix 2 to the Technical Regulations of the FTA, approved by the Resolution of the CMU dated 24.02. .2016 No. 163 and Appendix 3 to the Technical Regulations of Legislatively Regulated FTAs, approved by the PCMU dated 13.01.2016 No. 94. This certificate certifies that the quality management system of “DP UKRGASTECH” LTD has been evaluated and ensures compliance with the type of FTAs ​​described in the certificate type inspection, and the applicable requirements of the Technical Regulations.

Technical solutions of the company’s specialists

  1. Development and production of measuring equipment, microprocessor control and management tools, intrinsically safe barriers, as well as power sources;
  2. Ensuring the possibility of connecting automatic chromatographs, densitometers and hygrometers, remote control devices and other equipment to gas and liquid consumption accounting devices, for example, automatic gas odorization installations (including our own production);
  3. Ensuring uninterrupted power supply of technical equipment and complete disconnection of their power circuits and regular power network, for example, with the help of two accumulators, the automatic connection and charging of which are performed under the control of the controller;
  4. Provision of additional lightning protection for communication and power circuits;
  5. Isolation of impulse lines from pipelines;
  6. Ensuring explosion protection of the equipment. Certificates of explosion protection are provided for the equipment located in the explosive zone;
  7. organization of communication and data exchange:
  • existing information transmission channels,
  • on the radio channel;

8. Supply and production of pressure and temperature sensors of calibration and testing equipment;
9. Ensuring the calibration of measuring transducers and providing a declaration of their compliance with the specified type;
10. Checking and running the FTA within 72 hours before handing them over to the customer;
11. Development and adjustment of inspection methods;
12. Update of software versions of both the equipment of flow meters and computers of the “upper level” (dispatchers).

The company develops, serially produces and implements its products

  1. Micro-consumer SMART sensors of temperature, absolute, excess and differential pressure, cathode potential and level;
  2. Industrial high-precision measuring complexes for commercial gas accounting;
  3. Telemechanical complexes for automatic control of technological processes
    on GRS, incl. gas heating, reduction and odorization management complexes;
  4. Regulators based on SMART sensors;
  5. Micro-consumer INDUSTRIAL controllers for various purposes;
  6. Pressure calibrators;
  7. Intrinsically safe barriers;
  8. Dosing valves and pumps;
  9. Power sources (including built-in measuring equipment) and specific sources such as Gas-dynamic electric generator GP-1 of electric current.

The advantage of equipment developments produced by “DP UKRGASTECH” LTD

  1. All devices are micro-consumers (all measuring transducers with a power of up to 1 W).
  2. They work in the range of ambient temperatures from minus 40 °C to plus 70 °C.
  3. Periodicity of attestation of measuring transducers in Ukraine – once every two years.
  4. The manufacturing technology adopted by the company includes calibration work for each product in a heat-cold chamber.
  5. Ensure ecological safety of the environment.
  6. Make it possible to create fully automated GRS.
  7. Have firm’s warranty obligations for a period of at least two years.
  8. They have service maintenance of measuring complexes for the entire period of operation (10-15 years).

Addition . . .

To control the quality of the technological process, the company has created test stands and workplaces, equipped with exemplary measuring devices, which are regularly checked in the center of standardization and metrology.
To check gas flow measuring complexes, a test stand was created as part of a personal computer with special software used for calibration and adjustment of absolute, excess and differential pressure measuring transducers, as well as for configuring complex calculators and checking information about measured and calculated parameters.

The production equipment of “DP UKRGASTECH” LTD is operated at enterprises of various branches of industry in Ukraine, including in NJSC “Naftogaz of Ukraine” (JSC “Ukrtransgaz”, JSC “Ukrgazvydobuvannya”), the Regional Gas Company (RGC), as well as in the republics of Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Moldova and the Russian Federation.