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Measuring complex FLOUTEK-TM-1-5

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( full specifications are in the manual for the device )
  1. The measuring complex FLOUTEK-TM-1-5 is designed to service facilities remote from the industrial power supply network and are designed for commercial accounting of gases or non-aggressive liquids, including combustible natural gases and gas condensate by measuring temperature, pressure and volumetric (mass) flow and the volume of the medium that passed through the pipeline for a given period of time, bringing the flow rate of the medium to standard (normal) conditions.
  2. The FLOWTECH-TM-1-5 complex is used for flow measurements using the variable pressure drop method on a standard orifice. Structurally, the complex includes a calculator and digital measuring transducers of pressure, differential pressure and temperature in a single housing.
  3. The FLOUTEK-TM-1-5 complex can be operated in explosive areas of open industrial sites and premises where the formation of explosive mixtures is possible.
  4. Operation of the Complex is allowed at ambient temperature from minus 40 to plus 60 °C.
  5. The service life of the FLOWTECH-TM-1-5 Complex is at least 10 years.
  6. Calibration interval of the FLOUTEK-TM-1-5 Complex is once every two years.
  7. The complexes are included in the State Register of measuring equipment approved for use in Ukraine, registration No. U1446-01.


  1. The limits of the permissible relative error of the FLOUTEK-TM-1-5 complex when measuring the flow rate of the medium (without taking into account the methodological error when using a standard narrowing device and depending on the error of measuring transducers of pressure, temperature and ranges of pressure change and pressure drop) are – from ± 0.3 to ±1.0%;
  2. The limits of the reduced error of the FLOUTEK-TM-1-5 complex when measuring the upper pressure limit are ±0.075; ±0.10; ±0.15 or ±0.25%.
  3. The limits of the absolute error of the complex during temperature measurements are ±0.5 °С or ±0.75 °С.
  4. The complex provides the setting of the upper limits of measurements in the range:
    • for absolute (gauge) pressure . . . . . . . – from 160 kPa to 16 MPa;
    • for differential pressure – from 1.0 to 250 kPa.
  5. Temperature measurement range – from minus 40 to plus 100 °С.
  6. The FLOWTECH-TM-1-5 complex fixes in the memory of the calculator at least 800 deviations from normal operation (abnormal situations) and stores in the memory at least 800 messages about intervention in the operation of the complex.
  7. The duration of the cycle of measurements and calculations performed by the complex does not exceed 1 s. The period for updating information by the complex is set by the user in the range from 5 to 30 s.
  8. The memory capacity of the complex allows you to store records:
    • daily data. . . – the last six months;
    • hourly data. . . – the last two months.
  9. The FLOWTECH-TM-1-5 complex provides information exchange with a top-level PC via a dial-up telephone channel, a dedicated two-wire or four-wire loudspeaker communication line, or via a radio channel using the current GSM system, satellite and trunking radio communications.
  10. The complex is powered by two lithium batteries with a nominal output voltage of 3.6 V and installed in the Calculator case.
    Lithium batteries ensure the preservation of the measured information and the normal operation of the complex for at least 5 years.
    The power consumed by the complex does not exceed 15 MW.
  11. Overall dimensions of the FLOWTECH-TM-1-5 Complex – no more than 360 x 210 x 100 mm
  12. Weight – no more than 6.5 kg.
  13. The service life of the FLOUTEK-TM-1-5 Complex is at least 12 years.


Measuring complexes FLOUTEC-TM.  Operation manual
Measuring complexes FLOUTEC-TM-1-5.  Operation manual (See section 2. Description and operation of the complex components. Pages 26 – 29. Converter-Corrector PC)
Measuring complexes FLOUTEC-TM-1-5
Operation manual (See section 2. Description and operation of the complex components. Pages 26 – 29. Converter-Corrector PC).


Type-examination Certificate  (FLOUTEC-TM measuring systems)
Notice of type conformity based on quality assurance of the production process
Quality Management System Approval Certificate  (module D)
 Certificates, Permits. . .  (full list)